Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dealing with a Hoarder

Boyfriend is a hoarder, mainly of paper products. It's weird.

While cleaning out his old place I found multiple stacks of stolen Subway and Wendy's napkins in his pantry and kitchen drawers, a huge box of padded envelopes that he stole four years ago and still hasn't touched, and loads of printer paper even though, he doesn't have a printer.

And, then I found the magazines. Boxes and boxes of them. Most women would expect to find hidden stashes of porn, but finding National Geographics from 2006 seems a little more bizarre. 

I originally found the boxes in the new apartment. I told him we'd have to recycle them, especially since they were over 8 years old and he still hadn't read them (but wanted to!!!). I wasn't about to yield what little space we had to stacks of old magazines. So, we toted them back to his townhouse and set them with the rest of the recycle and DI items.

Imagine my surprise last night, when I moved a pile of hammocks and found ... a box of magazines. We fought. It was the dumbest fight I've ever had. I contemplated storming out, calling the whole thing off, how would I explain that? "Yeaaaaah, we lived together for a day but ... it didn't work out."

I still want to throw his magazines off the balcony, but we've come to a compromise. He has until the end of the month to read them and then I'm throwing them ALL out.

This was Day One.  What am I getting myself into? 

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