Saturday, March 28, 2015

Date Night: March Madness

Today, was a day!

Originally, I was going to the Farmer's Market with my friend. But, then those planned changed and I was going to a family Easter event. But then THAT turned into, "No dumb Whitney, family Easter is on Sunday. Duh" And Boyfriend was like, "We have date night."

Date night is something we've been doing since September. It. Is. Awesome. We get pretty busy. We both work full time and are going to graduate school, so we don't always make time to hang out without the distractions of TV and homework. So, date night is one night a month and this is how it works.

Alternate planning months, plan one activity and go to one restaurant neither of you has been to before. And, everything that is planned has to be a surprise.

This afternoon, Boyfriend and I drove down Salt Lake. It was his planning month. We went to a great vegan/vegetarian restaurant called Zest. Our food was great and the service was super friendly. A little, slow but not in an annoying way, in a laid back way. They let you enjoy your food and the atmosphere.
This scary spider hung out with us until we went
inside because Boyfriend was getting a sunburn.
He then became our friend.
I want to make it clear, Boyfriend is a meat-eater. For the first two and half years I knew him he a) ignored me because I was vegan and b) made fun of me because I was vegan. He has completely come around now though, to not teasing. Not to vegan eating. I'm pretty sure Kitty already likes him better because he slips her shrimp and chicken under the table.

After lunch, I had no clue what we were doing. We went the the Salt Palace and started walking around. There was a Health Care Provider conference going on, which I thought was weird and maybe the worst idea ever. Luckily we walked past that.

We kept walking. FOREVER. I had no idea the Salt Palace was so big! Finally, we made it to convention center five where they were having ... the tattoo convention ... at first I was confused. I had no idea what we were doing there. Kind of thinking, "Is this a last resort thing Not Babe?"

But then, of course, he explained to me. He knew I had been throwing around some ideas for a tattoo and the convention had artists from all over the country and all over the world. I could find an artist I liked or at the very least get a pretty solid idea of what I liked or didn't like. I loved it!! He always has the best ideas (I'm proof of that!).

After about an hour and a half of walking around the convention, I took the plunge! I found someone I liked and started to discuss. The rest of the blog will be conducted through photo entries. Thank you.

Look. At. My. Face.
The mountains, based off of this image of Ben Lomond peak.

Brad from Las Vegas! He was nice. 

Blood AND Gore

Back home, after some of the oozing has stopped!
I love it! I think it is gorgeous and dainty. It'll look better in a few days when it is done oozing and scabbing and peeling. ;)

P.S. Boyfriend is now currently winning for date night! Something we haven't done before and something we won't be doing again.

P.S.S. Boyfriend mentioned that I should add a little bit of info ON the tattoo and why I chose it. It is pretty simple. I love the mountains. I love hiking. Being in nature makes me feel nice. When I left Utah and moved to Greece and California in 2013, the only thing I missed besides people were the mountains. They're a nice reminder of home and they make me happy. 

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