Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May Day! May Day!

Happy May, friends!

I can't believe we are almost half-way through this month. It has been flying by. School started up again, I really don't feel like I even got a break. My professor sent out three reading assignments and an essay for us to do before the first day of class. I complained, A LOT. I went to class yesterday expecting to hate it, like I hate most things. BUT! I love it. Mostly ... I love my professor. Sorry, Boyfriend.

Another big development this month has been our decision to go on a diet. Big commitment, right? We are going to Virginia Beach the first week of June and I "want to look nice." I was expecting to hate it, and I do! I have stopped having second dinner (my favorite kind of dinner) and stopped having wine every night.

I can't wait for this trip to be over. As soon as we get back I'm going to the Pie and ordering an ENTIRE PIZZA

We did make banana bread, because we buy bananas but never eat them, but we were devouring the whole loaf so Boyfriend took it to my mom and dad. Which, was nice since they wanted to try it  buuuut WTF.

Here is the recipe we used, we doubled it. We had A LOT of bananas going bad :/
RIP Banana Bread

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  1. what no wine? it will make you enjoy that first class much more when you guys get back from a great vacation.