Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Fever

It has been a wild few weeks!

Boyfriend had to go out of town for a bit, leaving me and Kitty to party. Then, I spent some time at home with my parents and my new niece Gabby, leaving Boyfriend and Kitty to...nap?

Now we're back in one place, and it is wonderful! We both took Wednesday off to spend time together and things are getting back into full swing. I even did my first post-marathon run! Six miles up the big hill by our apartment.

We're both winding down our second semester of graduate school. After this, I'll have two semesters left and Boyfriend will have three. It is exhausting working full time and going to school full time. I am taking extra classes in the accelerated track, just so I can finish before him, but ... eternal bragging rights ... ;)

For our one year celebration in March, I gave Boyfriend a bird feeder. We love it! In the mornings, we can sit and watch the birds! We're 90. They're just so fun to look at! We all like it, except Kitty. She makes these weird yipping noises because she wants to hunt, kill and eat them.

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