Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hiking, Fireworks and Freedom!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

This morning Boyfriend and I did something pretty much unheard of. We woke up and left the house before 7 a.m., on a weekend!

For like ... a year, I have been promising Boyfriend I would take him to the Uinta Mountains -- an area in the northeastern part of the state with hundreds of miles of hiking trails and high mountain lakes. Since it is only a ninety minute drive, I was really slacking for not having taken him there yet.

I'm so glad we finally went! As soon as we entered the forest area Boyfriend declared that it, "looks like Yellowstone!" his favorite place in the world and that, "it's super close to us!" So, I think we'll be spending a few more days up there this summer.

We hiked to Island Lake, starting at the Crystal Lake trail head, we were looking at about a seven-mile round trip trek. For the most part the trail was pretty clearly marked, at one point we came to some low cliffs that we could see the lake from. We decided to scramble down to the lake from there and save ourselves some time.

After some intrepid adventuring through the woods, we came to the lake. Except, it was the wrong lake. We left the trail and completely bypassed our turn to Island Lake, ending up at Lake Weir. So, efficient as we are, we added about another mile to mile and a half to our overall trip.

When we finally made it to Island Lake, we stopped for maybe thirty seconds and then in an anti-climatic turn of events just headed back down the trail. My family was spending the day at Mirror Lake and we wanted at least an hour or two to hang out with them.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way we entered a time warp:
time warp (noun)
1. any distortion of space-time
2. (General Physics) a hypothetical distortion of time in which people and events from one age can be imagined to exist in another age
3. an illusion in which time appears to stand still

For us, it is that first definition. We had been going at a fairly quick pace and made almost no stops, we both thought we were on the trails two and half to three hours. We were shocked when we got back to the car and saw we had been out for almost five hours! If you are thinking it was our ill-conceived detour that led to this massive amount of time lost, then you're wrong. The best fitting explanation is a supernatural, wibbly-wobbly time warp. We are looking into contacting the History channel to discuss our experience.

Aside from the space-time inconsistencies, it was a wonderful day in the mountains. I love that Boyfriend, who is getting his master's in environmental law, loves the outdoors as much as I do and that we can spend so much of our time enjoying it together. He's pretty great. If he could keep up with my fast pace for the duration our hikes he'd be pretty much perfect.

Tonight, we are going to hit the trails again, though a much less intense version, and go to the foot trails to watch the fireworks shows.

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