Saturday, June 20, 2015


Have I told you about Date Night yet? Yes? Maybe? Oh, look! I did here: March Maddness. Good, that saves me a lot of explaining.

This was my month to plan and I chose ... Lagoon! It is where fun is!! I haven't been there since I was about 19 and Boyfriend, not from Utah, has never ever been.

I found a promotion for it on KSL, Date Night. Two for one; a Wicked awesome deal. I actually had a different date night planned before I found this, but I can push it back to August until it is my turn again. When I found this coupon, I was beyond excited. Just thinking about going took me back to being 12, when going to Lagoon was cool. I imagined things going so well, Boyfriend and I were going to have so much fun riding rides and walking around eating junk food! We were going to relive the funnest parts of being a teenager (because there weren't that many).

Well... I was wrong. Because when you grow up, Lagoon makes you sick. Boyfriend got queasy after one ride, started sweating after the second and was completely hopeless after the third. Some of the lines were so short that I went on the Colossus a few times without him to see if he would start to feel better, but it was a fruitless endeavor. I was pretty bummed when we went home early and were in bed at a disgustingly respectable 10:45. Though to be fair about the overall trip, we did have a couple of good hours at Lagoon a Beach doing the slides and lazy river before starting on the roller coasters.

Colossus: The Fire Dragon,
Boyfriend could not handle the heat 
I want to go again this summer and ride all of the rides we didn't get a chance to go on, though I figure this time around I'll be riding solo*.

Image result for forever alone cactus

*Literally. I will be riding the rides alone.

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