Friday, March 4, 2016


In December we took Kitty to get her shots and a check up. The vet said her teeth were pretty bad and that in the next 3 - 6 months we should get them cleaned. I told him that she was really bad with her brushing routine ...

During the check up, he examined a small lump on her head. We told him it had been there about a month but hadn't grown. He wasn't worried about it, but said he would remove it when we brought her in for her teeth cleaning since they would anesthetize her for that and this way we wouldn't have to put her under twice.

This morning was three months from that day. I think she knew something was up and she hated it. When we tried to put her in her kennel she scratched up both of our arms and then cried the whole way to vet. When we got there, she regarded me only with stubborn silence.

As I filled out the paperwork, the woman in the front office asked me if I wanted pre-anesthesia blood work. I didn't think she'd need it since she's had operations before, but when the lady looked at her chart she said, "she needs it, she's super old!" She didn't actually say that. She said, "is she really going to be 16 this year? I would recommend it."

I appreciated this advice, but it made me more nervous than I already was about her going under. I know she is getting old, but I like to think of her as still young and immortal ... like me. When I left her and headed to work, I cried in the car. My worst fear is something happening to Kitty.

I'm so thankful we got the blood work, because we got a call saying her kidneys were weak. Not bad, but they wanted to put her on extra fluids throughout the surgery and keep her a couple of extra hours. After that call, all I had to do was wait for them to call me and tell me she was out safely. It seemed like forever! They said they would call between 12 - 2, but it was closer to 3:15.

They told me that everything went well and I was able to pick her up around 5. Unfortunately, they took my sweet little Kitty and replaced her with... FRANKENKITTY!
Gross! The pictures don't do her justice.
Zombie leg! 
She's gross right?? Her FAVORITE spot for rubs is her face and head, so she keeps trying to rub it on me. Poor, Kitty. 

She kept running into walls and falling over when she first got home. But, she's actually doing really well now! She gets awesome prescription food to help her old lady kidneys and Zach has been sneaking her shrimp tonight. 


  1. Glad Kitty is doing well. And yes, her head is freaking disgusting! Love you guys!